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Folding Upvc Window

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Doors for larger opening space INTEGRITY windows and doors comes in unique bi-folding system especially developed for verandas, large rooms, interior swimming pools and any other location requiring very large openings. BI-Floding essentially creates a “glass wall” (with high sound insulation and thermal insulation) that can be completely opened leaving no fix panels, columns or other obstructions.

A solution by which the wall literally “disappears”. Architects and designers appreciate Bi-Folding not only for its extreme versatility in transforming spaces, but also for its high quality performances and its easy pliability to any technical need. uPVC windows are manufactured by one of the largest fabricators to really transform your home – look no further than an uPVC bi-fold door. We offer a range of doors & similar to our windows they are all custom made to your.. Our Folding Custom sliding Windows allow you a large opening at the back of your home ... uPVC folding windows to sliding doors, we only believe in selecting the highest quality materials for all your custom made windows and doors, ensuring ... best Quality.

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